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Burnt Sugar Arkestra Chamber
Music & Performance

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber

  • This is a past program
Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber performs Cosmic Riddem, Esoteric Rambunction & Eclectic Blue Cheer~Conduction #4 live at the Hammer.

The hive-mind of Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber returns to Southern California to perform their Cosmic Riddem & Eclectic Blue Cheer Conductions. Burnt Sugar “treats space, time, and genre like trans-dimensional silly-putty bursting with polyphonic and multi-rhythmic dap!”

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber is an improvisational ensemble who’ve performed around the world abiding by their recently-passed founder Greg Tate’s mantra of “Never playing anything the same thing once.”

Burnt Sugar Arkestra (So Cal New Sugar Swing Edition):

  • Shelley Nicole - Vocal/Conduction & Percussion
  • Bruce Mack - Vocal & Synthesizer
  • JS Williams - Trumpet
  • V. Jeffrey Smith - Alto & Tenor Sax & Vocal
  • Leon Gruenbaum - Samchillean/Piano/Talk Box & Vocal
  • André Lassalle - Electric Guitar 
  • Marque Gilmore tha' Inna*Most - Trap Drums & Electronics
  • Jared Michael Nickerson - Electric Bass

In conjunction with the exhibition Lifes.

This performance is being presented in collaboration with the USC Visions & Voices, which will be hosting Cosmic Riddem, Esoteric Rambunction & Eclectic Blue Cheer~Conduction #2 on Saturday, March 5. Visit the USC website for details.