Still from Chicken Thing (Todd Holland, 1984)

UCLA Student Films: 1980s

Sunday Dec 15, 2019 07:00 PM This is a past program

The UCLA Film & Television Archive presents classic film and contemporary cinema in the Hammer's Billy Wilder Theater.

Part of the series 40 Years of UCLA Student Filmmaking. In addition to the screenings at the Hammer, more student films are available on the Archive's YouTube channel.

The films during this decade suggest a diverse student body—in both experience and artistic vision—eager to explore genre and form, often with an eye to the commercial marketplace and an interest in contemporary cultural politics.

Program 1

  • Puppy Does Gumbo (Catherine Hardwicke, 1984)
  • Viva la Papier Toilette (Tony Venezia, 1980)
  • A Soft Warrior (Nina Menkes, 1981) *
  • Spanish Lesson (Ying Ying Yu, 1982)
  • Night Shift (Nancy Richardson, 1980)
  • Chicken Thing (Todd Holland, 1984)

Program 2

  • No Nukes (Orin Mitchell, 1983)
  • 6:28 (Randy Haberkamp, 1980)
  • Frank Valert's 150B Lighting Class Project (1982)
  • Savannah (Anita W. Addison, 1989)
  • The Choice (Joe Yng-Jaw Jiing, 1987)


Digital file courtesy of the Academy Film Archive

Films provided by UCLA Film & Television Archive (unless otherwise noted). Total running time: 148 min.