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Still from Freight Yard Symphony  (Robert Abel, 1964)

UCLA Student Films: 1960s

Saturday Nov 16, 2019 7:30 PM This is a past program

The UCLA Film & Television Archive presents classic film and contemporary cinema in the Hammer's Billy Wilder Theater.

Part of the series 40 Years of UCLA Student Filmmaking. In addition to the screenings at the Hammer, more student films are available on the Archive's YouTube channel.

By the mid-1960s, filmmakers were no longer beholden to Hollywood theories, experimenting with both form and politicized content, as well as critically commenting on popular culture. Student filmmakers increasingly ventured into taboo topics, while also experimenting boldly with film’s formal language.

Program 1

  • UCLA Fine Arts Presents (Gary Essert, 1965)
  • The Great Society (Deanna Glad, 1965) 
  • Contrition (Charles M. Wurst, 1964)
  • Waiting for May (Carroll Ballard, 1963)
  • 111th Street (Arnold Federbush, 1963)
  • Hotdogger (Dave Burrington, 1962) 
  • Will Salvation Spoil Candy Caine? (James Rosenfeld, 1964)
  • Batman Meets Mr. Fizz (Richard Comstock Blackburn, 1965)


Program 2

  • Freight Yard Symphony (Robert Abel, 1964) 
  • Claude (Dan McLaughlin, 1965) 
  • unc (Bruce Lane, 1966) *
  • Les AngeS Dorment (Felix Venable, 1965) *
  • Our Gang (Krishna Shah, 1965)
  • Skaterdater (Noel Black, 1965) *
  • Self-Portrait (Jon Bassett, 1964) 
  • Catullus Silent (Ralph Sargent, 1965)

* Preserved by the Academy Film Archive. Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.

Films provided by UCLA Film & Television Archive (unless otherwise noted). Total running time: 165 min.