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Still from Paper Moon  (Flora Mock, 1949)

UCLA Student Films: 1950s–Early 1960s

Friday Nov 15, 2019 07:30 PM This is a past program

The UCLA Film & Television Archive presents classic film and contemporary cinema in the Hammer's Billy Wilder Theater.

Part of the series 40 Years of UCLA Student Filmmaking. In addition to the screenings at the Hammer, more student films are available on the Archive's YouTube channel.

The first generation of UCLA student filmmakers sought to make highly professional films that hewed close to industry norms but sometimes also broke the mold in their choice of themes. In the early 1960s, student filmmakers continued to work within bounds, but became more sensitive to the politics of the world around them.

Program 1

  • Little Negro of the Pasture. A Brazilian Folkstory (Yvanise Riberro, 1949)
  • Paper Moon (Flora Mock, 1949)
  • Liquid Assets (Ernest D. Rose, 1951) 
  • Wooden Lullaby (Tom di Simone, 1956)
  • A Time Out of War (Denis and Terry Sanders, 1954)
  • Children of the Sun (George Huaco, Marvin Gluck, 1958)

Program 2

  • Richard Cory (Richard Balser, 1957)
  • Don't Panic (Robert Swarthe, 1964)
  • Shoppers Market (John Vicario, 1963) *
  • The Doll's House (Sonia Gorelic-Carson, 1960)
  • August Heat (A. Martin Zweiback, 1962)
  • The Soba Man (Donald Wrye, 1963)

Preserved by the Academy Film Archive. Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.

Films provided by UCLA Film & Television Archive (unless otherwise noted). Total running time: 164 min.