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Hammer EDU

K-12 Teachers and Students

Teacher Professional Development

The Hammer Museum and the Visual and Performing Arts Education Program (VAPAE) in the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture host free teacher professional development workshops throughout the year, including a three-day summer program—Strengthening 21st Century Skills Through Art—and half-day workshops in the fall and winter.

The last teacher workshop, "Multiple Perspectives, Diverse Experiences: Exploring Character through Dance and Visual Art," took place on Saturday, November 5, 2016.  

"I am so impressed by the content, presentation, and depth of knowledge of those involved...not to mention collective enthusiasm!  At the end of each workshop at the Hammer, I leave better prepared to work with my students." –Brian Nieman, Teaching Artist

For more information about upcoming teacher professional development opportunities, email us or call 310-443-7041.


Classroom-in-Residence at the Hammer is a free, innovative program designed to strengthen student and teacher learning about art through a weeklong, immersive experience at the Hammer Museum at UCLA. Two teachers of 4th, 5th, or 6th grade are given the unique opportunity to take their students out of the traditional classroom setting and teach with original works of art. Surrounded by the processes and products of artistic innovation, students are inspired to reflect deeply on art’s multiple meanings and make inferences using visual evidence. 

Teacher Resources

The Hammer Museum offers resources to teachers to enhance understanding of our exhibitions and related themes. These downloadable PDFs can be printed and used in the Museum’s galleries or adapted to explore artists and ideas featured in the guides.

Art Cards
For K-12 students and teachers

Art Cards is a resource for teachers visiting the museum with their students. These cards will help you facilitate discussions around the artwork in any gallery and foster conversations among classmates.

Discovery Guide
For families and K-12 students and teachers

This guide is designed to help you make meaningful connections to artworks of your own choosing. We encourage you to pick a place in the museum that interests you, and use the prompts provided to discover more about art.

A. Quincy Jones: Building for Better Living Teacher Guide
For Grades 5-12

Explore architecture by looking at projects, photographs, and drawings created by architect A. Quincy Jones. Learn about architectural terms and images, and explore how spaces and buildings are designed and inhabited through interactive activities. Related past exhibition: A. Quincy Jones: Building for Better Living.

Teaching the City: Modern Architecture for Today’s Classrooms
For Grades 6-12

Use the city of Los Angeles as your classroom with a map of the city’s modern architecture, featuring buildings ranging from public museums to private homes built between 1922–2003. Related past exhibition: A. Quincy Jones: Building for Better Living.

Graphic Design: Now in Production Teacher Guide
For Grades 5-12

Engage students with the history and impact of visual communication through graphic design. Focus on the elements and principles of design through the study of various forms of media such as books, magazines, and posters. Related past exhibition: Graphic Design: Now in Production

Now Dig This! Teacher Guide

Explore key figures and artistic movements of African American art in Los Angeles from 1960–1980, such as assemblage, post-minimalism, and performance art. Related past exhibition: Now Dig This: Art and Black Los Angeles, 1960-1980.

Looking for more activities to engage kids with art? View exhibition guides for teens and families.