Venue, by Renée Green, 1994

Renée Green, Artist
Venue , 1994

Single-channel video, color, sound
30 min.
Credit Line
Courtesy of the artist and Free Agent Media. Video still courtesy of the artist and Free Agent Media (photo Pez Hejduk)

Venue documents Renée Green's monthlong conversion of the Pat Hearn Gallery in New York City into a rental space. Green advertised in the Village Voice and hired a booking agent to coordinate a series of events that took place inside the gallery, including a concert, a fashion show, and several brief art exhibitions. The resulting video reveals the interlocking economic, social, and cultural forces that unite rather than divide art and popular culture by producing and reaffirming taste within social circles. Exploiting the gallery as a frame for social activities, Green's project exemplifies the joining of institutional critique and emerging discourses of relational aesthetics in the mid-1990s.