Collection of One Hundred and Twenty Drawings, by Allan McCollum, 1989/1993

Allan McCollum, Artist
Collection of One Hundred and Twenty Drawings , 1989/1993

Graphite pencil on museum board
108 3/4 x 202 1/2 in. (276.2 x 514.4 cm) overall
Credit Line
Courtesy of the artist and Petzel Gallery, New York. Image courtesy of the artist and Petzel Gallery

Allan McCollum began his Drawings project in 1989 by creating custom-designed stencils from a set of forty curves, which form the basic vocabulary of all the drawings. Using the stencils, he has produced hundreds of different graphite drawings by hand, ensuring that no two drawings are the same. Continually straddling the margins of singular/multiple, beautiful/banal, and decipherable/indecipherable, McCollum's series questions the place of art in a world of industrial mass production while taking a critical position in relation to both.