Auri-horn, 2014, Polished brass with 5 resin inserts, 40 x 12 x 9 in. Photo: Jesse Untracht-Oakner.

Jeanine Oleson in collaboration with Lisa Reynolds: Open Auditions

Part of New York-based interdisciplinary artist Jeanine Oleson’s fall residency at the Hammer, Open Auditions is a chance to look at the process of working with performers from the first moment of contact between a collaborative team and process of casting itself. A small group of pre-selected performers will be present to audition as well as responding to prompts and questions as a means of making a meta-theater of this process. 

Featuring Thaine H. Allison, Jr.Olivia Cristina Delgado, Kiara Gamboa, Sharon Chohi KimAngelina PrendergastAusten Rey, Sana Sepehri, Riley Shanahan, and Patricia A. Smith

This program is part of the Hammer's Bureau of Feminism initiative.

Image: Jeanine Oleson, Auri-horn, 2014. Polished brass with five resin inserts. 40 × 12 × 9 in. (101.6 × 30.5 × 22.9 cm). Image courtesy of the artist. Photo: Jesse Untracht-Oakner.