Lara Schnitger
Program Series

Bureau of Feminism

Bureau of Feminism is a multifaceted initiative whose overarching objective is to bring a feminist perspective to a range of activities at the museum. Inspired by ongoing political and legal debates instigated by our continually changing understanding of gender, gender roles, and what feminism means today, the Bureau of Feminism will encompass exhibitions, performances, and public programs that reinforce the importance of activism and inquiry, making and interrogation in the realm of culture.

In dialogue with a number of artist initiatives devoted to feminist practice that have emerged in Los Angeles in recent years—and in response to the lack of substantive discussion related to the recent attention paid to women artists in the art world more broadly—the various activities will touch upon such topics as speech, embodiment, resistance, erasure, and collective consciousness. 

#BureauofFeminism at the Hammer
Bureau of Feminism is a new initiative that brings a feminist perspective to a range of activities at the Hammer Museum.