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Distant Neighbors: The United States and Mexico

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As Mexico fights a war against criminal cartels, fueled by a demand for drugs in the U.S. and inflamed by the unrestrained flow of firepower from America's gun shops, relations between the U.S. and our neighbor to the South are becoming increasingly strained. Distinguished scholars Pamela Starr and Lorenzo Meyer join us to discuss ways to improve relations and find solutions to the challenges that we share. Dr. Starr is a Pacific Council adjunct fellow specializing in Mexico and U.S.-Mexico affairs and a senior lecturer in public diplomacy and international relations at the University of Southern California, where she is also a senior fellow at the Center on Public Diplomacy. Dr. Meyer is widely recognized as the foremost historian and political analyst in Mexico. A professor at El Colegio de México, Meyer has published several books and writes for the national newspaper Reforma.


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