Corita Kent, Untitled, 1968

Corita Kent, Artist
Untitled , 1968

Ink on paper with photography and collage
Sheet: 8 x 10 in. (20.3 x 25.4 cm)
Credit Line
Collection UCLA Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, Hammer Museum. Corita Kent Bequest.
Accession No.

u.r. handwritten in ink: "no 64"; u.r. handwritten in ink: "divide into 4 parts + print background"; c. handwritten in ink: "orange / pink florescent / pink / orange"; r.c. handwritten in ink: "background colors"; l.l. handwritten in ink: "this print should be as big as you can go on 23 X 35 - but it is not right proportion - so just trim off paper left over / it should have margin on all sides - as you have been doing / this print should be done first when you get this batch / we need 210 of these prints (not the usual 200)"; l.r. handwritten in ink: "do black photograph / not halftone / drop out words to whatever color is underneath - pink or orange"