Public Commissions

Throughout her career, Corita took on commissions ranging from a mural for the Vatican Pavilion at the 1964 New York's World's Fair to the third stamp for the United State Postal Service's love stamp series. For Corita, public commissions allowed her to further infuse art into everyday life.

In 1985, Corita designed a billboard for the Greater Boston and San Luis Obispo chapters of the Physicians for Social Responsibility. One of her largest commissions, the billboard towered over commuters and communicated a simple, yet powerful message: "We can create life without war." Corita's goal for this work was to put this phrase "before people's eyes every day, until eventually they realize they are part of that 'We.'"# Through her commissions, Corita was able to spread her artistic message to a large and diverse audience who might not otherwise have been aware of her work.

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