Scooter, by Sue Williams, 1992

Sue Williams Scooter, 1992

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 72 x 64 in. (182.9 x 162.6 cm)
Credit Line: Courtesy of the artist and 303 Gallery, New York. Image courtesy of the artist and 303 Gallery

Through explicit, cartoonish imagery and black humor, Sue Williams's early paintings targeted ignominious sexual and violent behavior as well as the banality of normative domestic behaviors such as heterosexual marriage and the nuclear family seated at the dinner table. In Scooter, overlapping and disassembled bodies convulse in an orgy of mutual objectification. Williams's images provoke because they render obscenely decorative the psychological and emotional complex that sustains human depravity, including hatred, humor, naïveté, greed, detachment, and complicity. 


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