Partially Buried, by Renée Green, 1996

Renée Green Partially Buried, 1996

Medium: Single-channel video, color, sound
Dimensions: 20:00 min.
Credit Line: Courtesy of the artist and Free Agent Media. Video still courtesy of the artist and Free Agent Media

Partially Buried in Three Parts (1996–97) is a multipart installation and video work that harnesses Robert Smithson's concepts of site and nonsite and the ruins of his earthwork Partially Buried Woodshed (1970) at Kent State University in Ohio as a means to examine public recollection, private memory, and site-specificity in a mobile and global world. Partially Buried, the first installment of Green's project, moves fluidly between eras, ideas, and images, appropriating given forms and sites to rearticulate their historical, social, and economic relations, especially as they touch on individual and collective memory.


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