Still from the 1982 documentary film "Fear of Poetry," showing close-up for a circular clock with the work "poetry" in the center.
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Fear of Poetry screening with Jack Skelley & Sabrina Tarasoff

WED JUN 2, 2021 7 PM PDT

Gail Kaszynski’s 1983 documentary Fear of Poetry is an improvisatory 40-minute foray into a fervent, formative period in the lives of poets such as Dennis Cooper, Benjamin Weissman, Amy Gerstler, and Bob Flanagan, who took part in Cooper’s famed Wednesday Night Poetry readings. Drawing on archival footage from those gatherings, including interviews and readings, Fear of Poetry presents a snapshot of Venice in the 1980s: a chorus of punks, poets, artists, and performers co-existing in a place where, according to Flanagan, “love is still possible.”

The online screening is preceded by a livestreamed conversation between Jack Skelley and Made in L.A. 2020 artist Sabrina Tarasoff. (1983, dir. Gail Kaszynski, color, 40 min.)


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