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Frances Stark Performs I've Had it and a Half

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Due to the adult themes of some of the material contained in this afternoon's program, this performance may not be suitable for all audiences.

Last summer Frances Stark staged a performance at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen entitled I’ve Had it and I’ve also Had it, which reworked a musical that debuted there in 1951. In the original “I’ve Had It!” a bellhop loses his girlfriend to a critically acclaimed composer, who is in town working on a new commissioned piece. To win her back he exposes the pretentious composer as a fraud by demonstrating, for a room full of critics, that the new composition is actually a familiar pop song, played backward. Stark’s performance I’ve Had it and a Half is an epilogue for that piece, as well as a prologue for her a new theatrical production (commissioned by Performa) which will debut in New York City in the fall.

In conjunction with the exhibition All of this and nothing.

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