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Kid playing with blocks at the Hammer Museum

After Your Visit

The Stuff of Art: What kind of stuff can art be made from? Artists are constantly inventing new ways to make art, often experimenting with traditional materials or using everyday or found objects. What materials did you see in the galleries? How do materials help tell a story?

Make at Home: Where do artists find inspiration to create? What can you see in a water splotch? All you need to spark your imagination is a cup of water, chalk, and a sunny day. Pour water over concrete. Trace the outline with chalk and use the shape to inspire a drawing. Although the water will evaporate, you can capture your imagination through drawing. 

About Art |Art About: Many artists are interested in what’s going on in the world around us—in the news, in education, in politics, or to the environment. They create art as a way to communicate concepts or explore issues. Do you think art can say something important? What’s important to you and your family? How can you use art to express your view of the issue? Repurpose everyday, household materials to create art that conveys a message without words.