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K.A.M.P. (Kids Art Museum Project): ReMake

September 27, 2021
– By Georgina Huljich & Marcelo Spina

Hi! Our names are Georgina Huljich and Marcelo Spina and we are architects. Our Hammer K.A.M.P. project “ReMake” encourages you to look for materials around your house and then cut, fold, and assemble them in new ways to give them a second life. Your creations can then be stacked, turned on their sides, or placed in any position you choose. This teaches us about orientation, and how objects as well as buildings can have different meanings in different settings. The final outcome of the project will be a series of photographs of the objects you have built, taken with these lessons in mind. By reusing what is around us, we learn how to be aware of our surroundings and find inspiration anywhere!




  1. Find an old cereal box (or pieces of cardboard). Open the top, bottom and one side in such order to create a flat surface.
  2. Choose and print your desired template.
  3. Cut along the solid red line of sheet 1 and align the cut edge with dashed red line of sheet 2.
  4. Tape sheets together within the white space both above and below the image.
  5. Glue taped template to cardboard face (keep graphic side down) of flattened cardboard with image facing up.
  6. Carefully cut out the template along the solid black lines.
  7. Flip the template over.
  8. Fold template inward along the dashed lines to create creased edges (template should begin to naturally assume final form)
  9. Glue and attach the tabs to their respective sides. Hold 20-30 seconds until glue is stable.
  10. Repeat steps 1–9 with alternate templates to create multiple shapes and textures.
  11. Use the finished objects to create a composition. Stack them, put them side by side, etc.
  12. Using a cell phone or any device, take pictures of the object or objects you created. Look for unique settings and backdrops to give objects a new context as well as meaning.

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K.A.M.P. (Kids Art Museum Project) 2021 is presented by CJ ENM. Visit the K.A.M.P. webpage for more projects that will engage the whole family!