About Us

Board of Directors

Founder Chair
Dr. Armand Hammer Marcy Carsey
Honorary Directors President
Armie Hammer Michael Rubel
Viktor Armand Hammer   
  Steven A. Olsen 


Heather R. Axe Kevin L. Ratner
Gene D. Block Chip Rosenbloom
Eric Esrailian Chara Schreyer 
Erika J. Glazer Steven P. Song
Nick Grouf Robert Soros
Manuela Herzer Brett Steele
Linda Janger Kevin Wall
Larry Marx John Walsh 
Anthony N. Pritzker  

Board of Overseers

Mihail Lari  
Peter Benedek Dori Peterman Mostov
Ruth Bloom Angella M. Nazarian
Richard Buckley Andrew Nikou
Rosette Varda Delug Susan Bay Nimoy
Beth Rudin DeWoody Viveca Paulin-Ferrell
Bronya Galef Lari Pittman
Bob Gersh John Rubeli
David Hoberman Sigurjón Sighvatsson
Greg Hodes Jennifer Simchowitz
Audrey Irmas Barry Smooke
Glenn Kaino Susan Steinhauser
Barbara Kruger Bill True
Edward Lee Dean Valentine
Leslie McMorrow Simone Vickar
Phil Mercado  

Artist Council

Njideka Akunyili Crosby Liz Glynn**
Kathryn Andrews Fritz Haeg
Juan Capistran  Tala Madani
Meg Cranston Monica Majoli**
Rafa Esparza taisha paggett
Andrea Fraser Yuval Sharon
Charles Gaines Kulapat Yantrasast



The Hammer Museum at UCLA is committed to best practices of nonprofit organizations. Below is an overview of our operating revenues and expenses for the 2016 fiscal year.

We update our presence on Charity Navigator and Guidestar regularly. The following documents are provided for public inspection:

Audited Financials, June 30, 2017 (PDF, 17pp, 360KB)
2016 IRS form 990 (PDF, 92pp, 434KB)

Hammer funds come from:

Hammer Funds Come From: 80% - Contributions; 13% - Investment Income; 4% - UCLA Support; 3% - Earned Income
Your gift matters!
  • 80% - Contributions
    Individual and Corporate gifts, Foundation and Government Grants, Fundraising Events, Membership
  • 13% - Investment Income
  • 4% - UCLA Support
  • 3% - Earned Income
    Exhibition Tour Fees, Store Revenue, Membership, etc.

And Hammer funds go to:

Hammer Funds Go To: 53% - Exhibition + Scholarship; 17% - Public + Academic Programs (Public Programs, Academic and Family Programming); 6% - Art Acquisitions; 13% Management + General; 11% - Fundraising
And it comes back to you!
  • 53% - Exhibition + Scholarship
  • 17% - Public + Academic Programs
    Public Programs, Academic and Family Programming
  • 6% - Art Acquisitions
  • 13% - Management + General
  • 11% - Fundraising