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UCLA Film & Television Archive (310) 206-8013
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Administrative Offices (310) 443-7020
Administration and Operations (310) 443-7020
Billy Wilder Theater Box Office (310) 443-7074
Communications (310) 443-7016
Curatorial (310) 443-7049
Development (310) 443-7070
Director’s Office (310) 443-7032
Exhibition Registration and Preparation (310) 443-7071
Group Tours (310) 443-7041
Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts (310) 443-7078
Hammer Store (310) 443-7063
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Technology (310) 209-7922
Visitor Experience / Welcome Desk (310) 209-7912

Academic Programs (310) 443-7041
Olivia Fales, Specialist, Family and K-12 Audiences
Hallie Scott, Specialist, University Audiences
Theresa Sotto, Associate Director, Academic Programs

Communications (310) 443-7016
Katie Antonsson, Digital Communications Manager
Susan Edwards, Associate Director, Digital Content
Lauren Graycar, Design & Production Coordinator
Chisa Hughes, Media Producer
Nancy Lee, Senior Manager, Public Relations
Mitch Marr, Senior Communications & Marketing Manager
Tara Morris, Graphic Designer
Patrick O'Rourke, Senior Graphic Designer
Scott Tennent, Chief Communications Officer

Curatorial (310) 443-7049
Vanessa Arizmendi, Curatorial Assistant
Cynthia Burlingham, Deputy Director, Curatorial Affairs
Connie Butler, Chief Curator
Nika Chilewich, Curatorial Assistant
Erin Christovale, Associate Curator
Melanie Crader, Director, Exhibition & Publication Management
Anne Ellegood, Senior Curator
Sarah Gnirs, Administrative Coordinator, Curatorial
Philip Leers, Project Manager for Digital Initiatives
Aram Moshayedi, Curator
Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi, Curatorial Assistant 
Adam Peña, Manager, Exhibition Design and Production
Lesley Phlek, Project Coordinator
Shabina Toorawa, Curatorial Affairs Assistant

Development (310) 443-7070
Alexander Barrera, Manager, Museum Events
Sara Friedman, Grant Writer
Hannah Howe, Associate Director, Development
Dylan King, Coordinator, Development Events
Belén Pena, Assistant Manager, Membership
Veridiana Pontes, Director, Development
Ariel Sehr, Manager, Development
Jessica Vrazilek, Manager, Individual Giving

Director’s Office (310) 443-7032
Kelly Connors, Assistant, Director’s Office
Ann Philbin, Director
Nicholas Stephens, Manager, Director’s Office

Exhibition Registration and Preparation (310) 443-7071
Susan Hersey, Associate Registrar, Collections
Portland McCormick, Director, Registration & Collections Management
Jeanha Park, Registrarial Assistant
Angelica Perez-Aguirre, Assistant Preparator
Jason Pugh, Chief Preparator
Emma Rudman, Registrarial Assistant
Michael Terzano, Preparator
Linda Yun, Registrar, Exhibitions

Finance (310) 443-7054
Elena Francisco, Senior Accountant
JoAnn Gilmore, Accountant

Michael Harrison, Deputy Director, Finance, Operations & Administration
Weijiun Robertson, Director of Finance and Human Resources
Mindy Rule, Accounting Manager

Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts (310) 443-7078
Lynne Blaikie, Preparator
Cynthia Burlingham, Director
Mo McGee, Conservator
Allegra Pesenti, Associate Director and Senior Curator 
David Rodes, Director Emeritus
Matthieu Vahanian, Curatorial Assistant

Hammer Store (310) 443-7063
Sara Beattie, Store Operations Manager
Brooke Berlin, Store Buying Manager

Operations and Facilities (310) 443-7094
Henry Clancy, Director, Operations
Ryan Lenhardt, Manager, Facilities

Public Programs (310) 443-7040
Claudia Bestor, Director, Public Programs
Alison Lambert, Logistics Specialist, Public Programs
Janani Subramanian, Manager, Public Programs

Security (310) 443-7059
Javier Acuna, Security Supervisor
Marvin Barrios, Security Supervisor
Adriana Bastida, Security Supervisor
Andrea Iaroc, Manager, Gallery Operations
Daniel Munoz, Associate Director, Security & Gallery Operations
Marc Rodrigues, Security Supervisor
Giovanny Rodriguez, Security Supervisor

Technology (310) 209-7922
Tim Ferris, Theater Production Supervisor 
Jim Fetterley, Museum & Theater Technical Director
Robert Loveless, AV Supervisor
Michael Monahan, Associate Director, Technology
Brian Springer, AV Supervisor
Phon Tran, AV Supervisor

Visitor Experience (310) 209-7912
Alyna Carter, Visitor Experience Assistant
Lauren Coryell, Visitor Experience Manager 
Shelby Drabman, Box Office Coordinator
Madicyn Herbst, Visitor Experience Lead