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Indigenous leaders standing together to protect the Amazon Rainforest.

Protecting the Amazon Rainforest: Averting the Ecological Tipping Point

  • This is a past program

Copresented with Artists for Amazonia

An evening dedicated to protecting the Amazon rainforest from reaching an ecological tipping point.


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Indigenous leaders and artists lead a conversation on the global significance of the Amazon biome by highlighting how California’s oil imports affect the future of the Amazon rainforest and calling for 80% of the Amazon to be permanently protected by 2025. They will also present the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative, which seeks to protect the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

Guests include:

  • Scottie Thompson (emcee), Actress, Activist
  • Tuntiak Katan (Shuar), Vice-Coordinator of COICA ORG
  • Nemo Guiquita (Waorani), Confeniae amazonia Women’s Director
  • Domingo Peas (Achuar), Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative
  • Toya Elcio Manchineri (Manchineri), Political Advisor Coiab Amazonia & Coordinator of Territories and Natural Resources for COICA
  • Grandmother Gloria, Tongva Elder
  • John Quigley, Director of Artists for Amazonia
  • Paula Vargas, Brazil Program Director of Amazon Watch
  • Leila Salazar-Lopez, Executive Director of Amazon Watch
  • Atossa Soltani, Global Director of the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative

The Artists for Amazonia campaign harnesses the power of creative and entertainment influencers to catalyze global action in response to the threats to indigenous earth defenders in the Amazon rainforest.