Adrian Piper, The Mythic Being

Symposium: Adrian Piper: The Long View

Copresented with The Museum of Modern Art

A sustained examination of the art-historical and social changes Adrian Piper has lived through, and the ways in which they contribute to an understanding of the work on view.

Part I: Looking Back

Voices in Dialogue: Fellow Travelers
Artist Donna Dennis, professor of museum studies Bruce Altshuler, and gallerist Jeffrey Deitch compare notes on their experiences of the events of the 1960s and 1970s, and offer perspectives on Piper’s work.

Voices in Dialogue: Time Travelers
Art historians Alexander Alberro and Nizan Shaked offer interpretations of the effect of the times on Piper’s work.

Part II: Looking Around

Keynote: European Encounters
Jörg Heiser, director of the Institute for Art in Context at the University of the Arts, Berlin, delivers the symposium’s keynote address on Piper’s artistic trajectory in Europe.

Voices in Dialogue: Global Travelers
Europe-based critics and art historians who have experienced global migration compare insights into Piper’s work. Art historians Elvan Zabunyan and Vid Simoniti are joined by Pablo Larios, senior editor of Frieze magazine.