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James Kidd—Tara Jane ONeil and the Sunlan Spirit Singers / Shaina Mote Runaway Feeling: Fashion Performance Pieces

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With studios across the hall from each other 2010-2011 in a funky old east L.A. warehouse building, Jmy James Kidd and Shaina Mote inspired and supported each other to design clothing collections for people to feel beautifully comfortable and expressive in all their moods and feelings. Jmy James Kidd uses the essential elements of dance, the raw human body moving from relaxed to ecstatic states and fuses them with into her designs to create custom clothing for all people. Shaina Mote melds technical aspects from pattern making with an experimental approach to draping by playing with notions of timelessness, reinvention, and reinterpretation for her wearer.  

Jmy and Shaina use the Gold Stage platform in hopes of bringing a new perspective to the means in which we view and experience fashion, as an alternative to a runway setting.

6PM -- Dzang (Adam Gunther)
6:45PM  -- You’re Everything, dance / performance piece featuring Shaina Mote's 2015 collection with live soundscape by Lowleaf and Zeroh
7:30PM -- James Kidd Studio Fashion Happy Celebration with Music by TJO and Danny Sasaki as The Sunlan Spirit Singers
8PM -- Reception Jubilee Hang Out on Gold Stage!

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Dzang (Adam Gunther)

You’re Everything

You’re Everything is a collaborative performance piece between dancer, fashion designer and choreographer Jmy James Kidd and L.A. based fashion designer, Shaina Mote exploring ideas of timelessness, reinvention and reinterpretation.

The performance piece joins two friends’ creative visions and practices as well as highlights new work from Shaina Mote’s Spring 2015 collection.

Dancers: Cary Allison, Nick Duran, Alexa Weir, Elisabeth Wahlander, Kate Adams, Perin Hailey McNelis, Jil Stein
Choreography: Jmy James Kidd, Shaina Mote, Cary Allison, Nicholas Duran, Alexa Weir, Elisabeth Wahlander, Kate Adams, Perin McNeil, Jil Stein.
Sound Landscapes: Lowleaf and Zeroh

James Kidd Studio Fashion Happy Celebration with Music by Tara Jane ONeil and Danny Sasaki

Joanne Kim, Chloë Flores, Samantha Goodman, Rachel Rosenstein, Shayna Keller, Peter Hernandez, Maya Gingery, Betty Nguyen, James Kidd Studio, Autumn Beck, Shoghig Halajian, Amanda Björn, Lara Odell, Alexandra Lakin, and Harriet Bailey.