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Dance Camera West: Surreel Moves

Monday Jun 14, 2010 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM This is a past program

Weird and Wonderful Experimental Dance Shorts

Organized by Lynette Kessler, artistic director, Dance Camera West

From poetic to peculiar, this collection of recent award-winning international dance shorts presents both kinetic and immobile bodies in space, defying traditional notions of dance. Sushi, reindeer, and a bright pink wig prevail in this evening of smart, cool and laugh-out-loud ridiculous dance media. (Total running time: 85 min.)

Body Trail
Human bodies as sculptural forms, in orderly stacks and tangled knots, assimilate into the black and white urban landscape of Vienna at night. Directed by Michael Palm, choreographed by Will Dorner. (2009, Austria 8 min.)

The Geometry of Separation
A woman's inability to engage with the world outside drives her into the surreal spaces of her psyche translating on screen to a profusion of clever visual design. Directed by Mareike Engelhardt, choreographed by Friedrike Plajke. (2009, Germany/France 14 min.)

Pink Navigator
Provocative imagery explores the themes of birth, death, redemption, and the freedom found in connecting to one's body. Directed by Naomi Stikeman, choreographed by Crystal Pite. (2008, Canada 6 min.)

Running Sushi
Winner of Amsterdam’s 2009 Cinedans Award!
 The naked chaos of human relationships, with extreme video game action, is viewed through an aquarium where everything is inside and everybody is at his or her own mercy. Directed and choreographed by Mara Mattuschka and Chris Haring. (2008, Austria 28 min.)

Untitled Partner
Winner of 2009 VideoDansa, Barcelona International Prize! Through the use of hyperfast seemingly lightspeed video clips, airborne bodies depict the overlapping of the conscious and unconscious. Directed and choreographed by Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley. (2007, Sweden 7 min.)

North Horizon
Against the seemingly still expanses of the Arctic tundra, bodies in motion echo forgotten dreams at the edge of the world. Directed and choreographed by award-winning artists Thomas Freundlich and Valtteri Raekallio. (2010, Finland 22 min.)

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