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  • 3 Questions with Devin Kenny

    3 Questions with Devin Kenny

    Well, firstly, Cypress Hill was my favorite hip-hop group as a kid. I lived in West Hollywood with my mom for a short time in 1990-1991. I loosely remember going to the mall and having a good time . . . I also had a Skittles 'collection' which I kept in a wine glass decorated with white felt bunny ears, googly eyes, a pink felt triangle for a nose, and whiskers fashioned of monofilament. Because of the heat, the color evacuated the candies and they fused together into a white blob with a small pool of colorful gunk sitting at the bottom of the glass.

  • Telescope: China | Jiangxi Province Pt. 1

    Telescope: China | Jiangxi Province Pt. 1

    Every year for Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) I will to go visit a friend’s hometown in a remote countryside area. I have been to many places since I arrived in China in 2008. You can find these posts in my earlier Hammer Blogs: Guangdong (Canton), northeast China’s Liaoning Province, Hunan, Anhui Province, and others.

  • 3 Questions with Alice Könitz of the Los Angeles Museum of Art

    3 Questions with Alice Könitz of the Los Angeles Museum of Art

    I came to L.A. after finishing art school in Düsseldorf. I had a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service, and I wanted to spend a year in another country. I decided to go to Los Angeles, because I thought that if I get the opportunity to go somewhere I should use it to go very far.

  • Coming up on the Gold Stage

    Coming up on the Gold Stage

    A dancer rehearses on stage as the sound of applause erupts in the normally peaceful museum courtyard. The enthusiasm that day was coming from the soccer fans watching the world cup, but those near the stage watch the open rehearsal in relative silence, absorbing the bodies in motion and art taking place outside of the galleries. The Gold Stage in the Hammer Courtyard, a part of Made in L.A. and an extension of James Kidd Studio, has served as a platform for dancers and performers to share their practice with the community in a public, yet protected space affected by and affecting the surrounding environment for the duration of the exhibition.

  • Notes Toward a Lunchtime Art Talk: Mariah Garnett's Full Burn

    Notes Toward a Lunchtime Art Talk: Mariah Garnett's Full Burn

    The four questions that Mariah Garnett posed to her interview subjects: Have you ever been injured on set or at war? Have you ever been afraid for your life (on set or at war)? What are the parallels between being a soldier and being a stuntman? Was there ever a time on set that reminded you of being in combat or in the military?

  • Hammergram: July 2014

    Hammergram: July 2014

    It’s the end of the month, so it’s time for Hammergram! We are fascinated by the photos our visitors take of the objects and spaces at the Hammer. That’s why we decided to launch Hammergram–a monthly round-up of our favorite visitor photos–in the hopes that they will inspire you to share your own Hammer experience with us!

  • 3 Questions with Ricky Swallow

    3 Questions with Ricky Swallow

    I moved to Los Angeles in 2002, initially it was going to be a 6 months stay to complete the final works for my first sole exhibition here… I got hung up on the place without any hesitation.

  • JazzPOP 2014

    JazzPOP 2014

    Now in its ninth year, JazzPOP brings some of the most singular voices in West Coast jazz to the Hammer courtyard for concerts that embrace sound and song, groove and grunge, and feature original music grounded in indie rock, chamber music, and jazz improvisation.

  • 3 Questions with Juan Capistrán

    3 Questions with Juan Capistrán

    black panthers black flag blade runner, ridley scott killer of sheep, charles burnett the minutemen the things you see when you don't have a grenade, daniel j. martinez

  • Make in L.A.

    Make in L.A.

    When we set out to make an educational guide for Made in L.A. 2014, we knew we had a challenge ahead of us. With over 100 works by 35 artists and collectives taking over the entire museum (literally), we dared ourselves to make a guide to allow visitors of all ages to engage with the dynamic range of work on view.

  • 3 Questions with Kim Fisher

    3 Questions with Kim Fisher

    I came to Los Angeles to go to UCLA in 1991 and then I just stayed. There’s a lot of space here and the weather is good. My husband told me this morning that a friend of his said that California is like a squeezed out tit, and to some extent I agree with this comment, however L.A. is still a pretty rad place to live and make art.

  • Lorene Bouboushian on the Gold Stage

    Lorene Bouboushian on the Gold Stage

    For Made in L.A., James Kidd Studio makes Gold Stage, a satellite center based on her Lincoln Heights dance studio named Pieter. This gold-painted rounded stage in the Hammer Courtyard is an open platform for local, national and international artists of all disciplines to perform, rehearse, mediate, think, exchange, consider. This stage as studio space is an experimental practice in designing a truly functional space to work in, conscious that the courtyard is a public, yet protected.

  • 3 Questions with Gabriel Kuri

    3 Questions with Gabriel Kuri

    I like L.A. because it is strange. It is many cities and many things at once and there is no unifying custom or pattern. There also seems to be an ease about it that I thought would help me be productive and enjoy work.

  • The Ghost in Gallery Five

    The Ghost in Gallery Five

    For the last month strangers have been sending me photos. Well, technically Hammer Museum visitors have been sending me Snapchats from an iPad under the alias of ‘almost-there.’ I ‘jbellzamy’ receive mostly PG rated photos that disappear after a few seconds, mimicking a ghost, the app’s mascot. Now perhaps I’ve watched Amelie too many times but I’m addicted; it’s a less haunting alternative to seeing beyond the veil.

  • 3 Questions with Samara Golden

    3 Questions with Samara Golden

    When I was living in New York, I had a lot of fantasies about what moving to L.A. would be: the flowers, the succulent plants, the beach, the lizards, the sunsets...all of that exists, but it is butted up against the streets of homeless people in wheel chairs missing limbs, and people jumping from the roofs of welfare hotels, I see it as a city of contradiction. For me I wanted to disappear in a way...sometimes the gaps between things are an invisible magic.

  • 5 Things I Learned from Tent: Museums

    5 Things I Learned from Tent: Museums

    When is an object art and when is it artifact? How can a permanent collection be both comprehensive and flexible? How does the cultural territory around a museum impact its mission and purpose? How can museums be both culturally specific and expansive at the same time?

  • 3 Questions with Danielle Dean

    3 Questions with Danielle Dean

    When I was at Central St Martins in London I heard about CalArts through Afterall Magazine. This was back in 2004, the magazine was co edited by Tom Lawson at CalArts. I thought the school looked so amazing.

  • Telescope: China | INCLUDED

    Telescope: China | INCLUDED

    INCLUDED, a nonprofit organization formerly known as Compassion for Migrant Children, recently opened an outdoor exhibition in Sanlitun, an upscale prime shopping center area in Beijing. Stephen Gleadow, a U.S. artist and friend, and the creative director for the INCLUDED exhibition, invited me to come see this very beautiful and moving show right before I left for the U.S.

  • 3 Questions with Sarah Rara

    3 Questions with Sarah Rara

    Moving to Los Angeles was a love-at-first-sight kind of situation. I chose L.A. decisively, with no hesitation—a strong impulse carried me here. For me the city still exudes of so much complexity and possibility. There is not a consensus reality in Los Angeles, but a wildness and openness. This massive city has space for any kind of life you might imagine wanting to make. There’s a tenderness I have for Los Angeles— just seeing the word “L-O-S-A-N-G-E-L-E-S” written out or hearing the name spoken aloud has a special magic for me, a kind of promise. There is a fantasy of California that is still very much alive in me.

  • Now Playing: Renegade Tours

    Now Playing: Renegade Tours

    Kids giving tours? Elementary aged children talking about paintings from the 19th century? It happened here at the Hammer. And we have videos to prove it! We recently uploaded videos of our youngest, most adorable tour guides on our new Hammer Kids YouTube playlist. From Moreau to Daumier to Rubens, our petite tour guides are featured sharing a wide range of observations about paintings in the Armand Hammer Collection.

  • 3 Questions with Jennifer Moon

    3 Questions with Jennifer Moon

    My path to art and to L.A. was the result of cosmic funneling and not necessarily a choice on my part. I came to L.A. all the way from Orange County to attend UCLA in 1991 and have stayed ever since. Getting into UCLA was a lucky fluke or certainly the work of the 3rd Communal Entity (3CE).