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  • This Week in A.I.R. / July 31

    SATURDAY, July 31st Houseplant Vacation - Plant drop off 11am- 6pm The Hammer invites you to give your houseplant a vacation during our August cultural retreat for plants. Throughout the entire month, participant's plants will be installed in the light flooded Lindbrook terrace, and presented with a series of readings, performances and musical events, for plants every Saturday from 1-4pm. Check back for the full schedule and for information about plant portraiture by Lisa Anne Auerbach. (Please no sick/infested plants - this is a vacation, not rehab) Plant drop off is July 31, 11am- 6pm and pick up August 28, 11am- 6pm ONLY! You can download the plant release waiver here and fill it out before you come to the museum or you can do this when you drop off your plant. Micro-concerts in the Little William Theater 1-4pm This week the Little William Theater will host Kim Free

  • Hammer Appoints Brooke Hodge as Director of Exhibition Management and Publications

    LOS ANGELES, CA – Ann Philbin, Director of the Hammer Museum, has announced the appointment of Brooke Hodge, effective July 19, as the Hammer’s Director of Exhibition Management and Publications. In her new role at the Hammer, Hodge will provide management and guidance to the curatorial department, including assuming oversight of projects and administrative responsibility for the department's staff and budget. Hodge will help to oversee the Museum's ever growing exhibitions, programs and publications. “I am delighted that Brooke is joining the Hammer team.” says Ann Philbin, Director of the Hammer Museum, “She is a colleague we have long admired and I know that her organizational prowess and many years of institutional experience will serve the Hammer well – she is a great compliment to our curatorial department.“ “I am thrilled to be joining the staff of what I think is one of the most dynamic museums

  • This Week in A.I.R. / July 17

    SOUNDINGS: BELLS AT THE HAMMER Thursday July 17, 11AM The Hammer Museum and Machine Project invite the public to participate in a day-long sound installation, everyone in a place, by composer Chris Kallmyer. All visitors will be issued a small bell, which they can wear as they move through the galleries, courtyard, lobby, and other public spaces. Museum admission will be free to all participants. Additional bell related sound pieces will take place throughout the day, including circulating ice cream carts, animatronic Santa bells in the museum’s coatroom, and an African bell ensemble. term paper writing

  • Q & A with Artist Friedrich Kunath

    The artist in his studio. This interview was conducted by electronic mail. Questions were composed by the Hammer's multimedia fellow Sasha Mann. Look for more information on Friedrich Kunath's Hammer Project here. SM: Where does the text in your work come from? FK: Mostly it's a mix of fractions from books, poems and lyrics, where I add or subtract some words in order to reach another higher or lower sense. Sometimes it's just a word flying around the room and all I had to do was catch it. SM: Can you talk about the contrast between the bright, psychedelic washes of color and the stark silhouettes of the figures? FK: I don't really know where that comes from and I'm trying hard not to find out. Maybe I'm in the middle of my personal West Coast fever dream. SM: How has your time in Los Angeles shaped your work

  • This Week in A.I.R. / July 7 - 10

    This Week in A.I.R. / July 7 - 10

    Needlepoint Therapy Thursday, 2-3:30pm Led by West Los Angeles based psycho-analyst and needlepointing enthusiast, Dr. Ellen Medway, a small group of people will convene privately for 90 minute sessions of therapy over an eight-week period. While the group pursues self-exploration, discovery and psychological enrichment, they will also be engaging with craft and art history as they needlepoint images based on paintings from the museum’s permanent collection. Dr. Medway chose a selection of works that she has deemed conducive, relevant and pertinent to the therapeutic process. Images of these paintings have been made into needlepoint patterns and each participant will work on this pattern from the collection throughout the sessions. These sessions are full, however take home Therapy + Needlepointing kits will be available in the bookstore July 1st. Micro-concerts in the Little William Theater Saturday, 1-4pm This week the Little William Theater will host The Bass Stands Alone, music