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  • Hammergram: May 2014

    Hammergram: May 2014

    It’s the end of the month, so it’s time for Hammergram! We are fascinated by the photos our visitors take of the objects and spaces at the Hammer. That’s why we decided to launch Hammergram–a monthly round-up of our favorite visitor photos–in the hopes that they will inspire you to share your own Hammer experience with us!

  • Update on Ai Weiwei's Bicycle

    Update on Ai Weiwei's Bicycle

    Last January as I was walking from an artist’s studio to my gallery, Telescope, I passed by Ai Weiwei’s home and studio. Outside in front of his blue door on the sidewalk was a bicycle with a basket laden with fresh flowers. It was cold winter at the time and the flowers seem so lovely and hopeful in the greyness of the surrounding bricks, streets, and overcast skies. Last week I rode my bicycle past his house again from the same studio and the mysterious bicycle was still there with a different arrangement of fresh cut flowers.

  • Shades of Tea and Morphine

    Shades of Tea and Morphine

    On the title wall, Tea and Morphine pops out in turquoise lettering from a patterned, sepia backdrop. The exhibition, co-curated by Cynthia Burlingham and Victoria Dailey, highlights prints from the Elizabeth Dean Collection depicting women from all social strata in Paris in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As the title suggests, the scope of the exhibition is framed by two extremes––the morphine addict, pressing a syringe into her thigh, captured in Eugène Grasset’s color lithograph Morphinomane (1897) and the sophisticated young woman staring off vacantly while at tea, observed in Mary Cassatt’s drypoint Tea (1890).

  • Inside the World of Paul McCarthy

    Inside the World of Paul McCarthy

    Last month, Hammer Director Annie Philbin, curators Anne Ellegood and Aram Moshayedi, and the Hammer Patrons gathered for a studio visit with L.A. artist Paul McCarthy. Paul is a featured artist in the Museum’s current exhibition Take It or Leave It: Institution, Image, Ideology on view through this Sunday, May 18.

  • Hammergram: Kruger Edition

    Hammergram: Kruger Edition

    With just over a week left to see Take It or Leave It, we present to you a very special Kruger-ified edition of Hammergram! Hammergram is normally our monthly round-up of our favorite visitor photos. But since so many visitors have made Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (Hello/Goodbye) lobby wall installation the backdrop for some seriously amazing photos, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to highlight more of them.

  • Reservoir, Wu Xiaowu

    Reservoir, Wu Xiaowu

    Beijing artist Wu Xiaowu studied photography and Chinese traditional painting at the Modern Art Institute of Tianjin Art Academy. Telescope is pleased to present his first solo exhibition, entitled Reservoir.

  • Mother's Day at the Hammer

    Mother's Day at the Hammer

    With free museum admission and free activities for the entire family, The Hammer has all you need for a fun, carefree Mother’s Day! Join us on Sunday, May 11 for Hammer Kids programming, all-day brunch, store discounts, and more.