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  • New Duets Composed for the Little William Theater

    Saturday, March 27, 1 - 4PM Andrew Conrad, saxophone & clarinet Colin Woodford, percussion Andrew Conrad (saxophone/clarinet) and Colin Woodford (percussion) will present improvisations and compositions conceived specifically for the Little William Theater. Their nuanced, intuitive approach to spontaneous music-making offers a fresh look at their instruments as well as contemporary performance practice. The Little William Theater is located in a coat-room in the lobby under the stairs at the Hammer Museum. It is one of the world’s newest and smallest theaters, with seating for two people, and different performers every week. Curated by Chris Kallmyer. college research papers

  • Variations in the Little William Theater

    VARIATIONS Saturday, March 20, 1-4PM Melinda Rice, violin Chris Votek, cello Melinda and Chris perform a series of improvisations in the Little William Theater exploring communication and variation in music. In using a limited collection of themes and motives, they take a look at cognition, coherence, and chance play in contemporary improvisation. The Little William Theater is located in a coat-room in the lobby under the stairs at the Hammer Museum. It is one of the world's newest and smallest theaters, with seating for two patrons, and different performers every week. Curated by Chris Kallmyer apa research papers

  • Live Personal Soundtrack & Little William Theater

    LIVE PERSONAL SOUNDTRACK Saturday, March 13, 1-4PM Eric Klerks Visitors to the Permanent Collection and Luisa Lambri's Being there will be presented with the option to “check out” guitarist Eric Klerks to walk with them through the exhibitions. He will follow the visitor around, playing live music into headphones through which only that visitor can hear. This event will happen intermittently on Saturdays throughout the year, in various galleries and exhibitions. Curated by Chris Kallmyer. LITTLE WILLIAM THEATER Saturday, March 13, 1-4PM Casey Anderson saxophone, electronics, radios Casey Anderson will present compositions and improvisations for saxophone and computer in the Little William Theater. His unique brand of experimentalism yields strong colors and organic forms. 1-2 Little William Theater :: Compositions/Improvisations :: 2-3 Hammer Courtyard :: Radio Installation :: 3-4 Little William Theater :: Compositions/Improvisations :: write a college essay

  • Q&A with Artist Claude Collins-Stracensky

    The artist's Hammer Project in process. Photo taken from the Hammer lobby. This interview was conducted by electronic mail. Questions composed by the Hammer’s new media manager Amanda Law. Look for information on Claude Collins-Stracensky's Hammer Project here. AL: My favorite part of the installation was the line of sight from the Hammer lobby through your installation space out onto Wilshire Blvd. Can you tell me a little bit about how this came to be? CCS: I’m guessing you’re talking about the spot at the top of the stairs where the cone of vision takes shape and the circles cut through the walls and the window film all line up? The Sight Line spatial intervention started with sitting in the space and seeing what it was doing, how it was situated in the context of the museum and the area outside. It’s a very peculiar space, I found. It’s

  • Bamboo Workshops

    Bamboo Workshop Weekend at the Hammer March 13, 2010, 1 – 5pm and March 14, 2010, 1 - 5pm Mike Metzger will lead a two-day workshop on making things from bamboo. Each day the workshop would be about 4 hours long. On Saturday, the workshop will focus on Bamboo mat-making and on Sunday Metzger will instruct participants in Bamboo cup carving with metal/stone tools with a special woodsy lunch of locally harvested bamboo shoots. Workshops will meet in the Hammer Lobby *Please note the workshops are different for each day and independent of one another. Participants are not required to sign up for both days! Details on workshop: Day 1 : March 13, 2010, 1 – 5pm Bamboo Mat-Making Participants will trim, and carve a stack of locally harvested bamboo rods. Then each student will twine each rod together to make a large floor mat. These mats have been

  • The Snowmen of 798

    Beijing has experienced several massive snowfalls this winter transforming the day-to-day urban landscape into a magical wonderland. What snarls traffic, ruins shoes, freezes fingertips, and soon turns to black slush is just another material in the hands of artists. Walking through the Beijing art district 798 I was delighted to see what artists and the locals spontaneously do here on days when they are ‘snowed in.’

  • Private Whispers

    Private Whispers Saturday, March 6, 2010 1 - 4PM Little William Theatre Carmina Escobar performs a series of solo voice pieces in the Little William Theatre. Her works for our intimate performance space delve into the secret and subtle relationship between performer and listener. writing a good college essay

  • Q&A with Artist Rob Fischer

    Summer in Rob Fischer's Minnesota studio. This interview was conducted using electronic mail. Questions composed by the Hammer’s new media manager Amanda Law. Look for information on Rob Fischer's Hammer Project here. AL: Your usage of the gymnasium floor makes me want to know more about its specific history. Can you tell me about the history of the school it came from? RF: When I was still in art school, I started driving and photographing things from the car as I was driving. I most often traveled north from Minneapolis, to the northern part of the state that I have always felt attracted to. After a few years of photographing, I realized that I was re-photographing the same small houses in different seasons. At one point I was way north, near the town where my grandfather grew up- Lancaster, Minnesota. He used to say that when their cows got