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  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013 | Hammer Staff Picks

    In case you’re still searching for a gift for that special someone, we asked some of our most enthusiastic Hammer staff shoppers to tell us about their favorite items in the store. Kiosk Glockenspiel | $110 “I always love the dosa items we carry in our store and just bought an amazing scarf. Right now I’m really excited that we are featuring a curated selection of products from Kiosk. Some of them are simple and utilitarian, others are quirky. I especially love the glockenspiel. It has such a sweet clear sound." -Ann Philbin, director Takara Hoops Earrings | $44 “I recently purchased a pair of medium-sized bronze hoop earrings for myself.  They are so light and chic and look great with any outfit.” -Charlotte King, exhibitions and publications coordinator Marfa Brand Soap | $9 “Marfa Brand Soap is a great host/hostess gift. I visited the founder, Ginger

  • Mount Markham Summit Walk on KCHUNG Radio

    Mount Markham Summit Walk on KCHUNG Radio

    For the KCHUNG Radio residency at the Hammer Museum, I produced an hour-long program that aired on December 6. I conceived of the broadcast as an audio version of the type of notes I post at Walk On. To that end, I recorded the sound of a short walk to the top of Mount Markham. The broadcast consists of the unedited audio recording of the walk and a brief introduction to it bookended by a couple of walking songs, which can be found in order of play here and here in earlier Walk On posts. This post is a companion to the KCHUNG broadcast and includes a transcript of my introduction to the audio, a link to the MP3 file on the KCHUNG archive, and the two photographs I took during the walk. What you are about to hear is the audio documentation of my ascent of Mount Markham on the first



    FALLEN FRUIT FACTORY a public participatory project by Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young). The Fallen Fruit Factory is a public participatory art project that allows the public to collaborate with Fallen Fruit and contemporary artists to create fast-art pieces. The Factory is co-hosted by a contemporary artist and Fallen Fruit and creates an immersive art experience where the public can participate in making works of art. In exchange for working on Factory art projects, the public gets Fruit Dollars redeemable for Fallen Fruit or Factory art at the Fruitique! or online at the Fallen Fruit store. Projects are always group-authored, meaning there isn't one person who creates each individual work. Often the works are inspired both by the guest artist and Fallen Fruit, but it is the stranger or passerby who sets the color, tone, or unique dimensionality of each piece. No two works of art will be



    LEMONADE STAND a public participatory project by Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young). The Lemonade Stand is a public participatory art installation about generosity and reaping a harvest that shares within a community.  The Lemonade Stand has another function where the public shares in another way. In exchange for a glass of delicious lemonade, the public is invited to draw their self-portrait using lemons and black ink markers. Photographic portraits of the public with their lemons are taken.  The collection of community portraits that are drawn onto lemons create a new image of public assembly.  There is no right way to draw a portrait and lemons come in different shapes and sizes.  Some are bumpy and others have scars.  Some lemons are pristine and evenly shaped, but all are unique in their own ways just like people. In addition, the public is asked to record the memory of the best day or



    View images from the ANONYMOUS STUDIO I here. I have a wandering ‘eye’ that constantly surveys a local terrain in search of something beautiful or strange, something previously hidden. I am an artist and a collector of after-images and oddities of life. The artists’ studio gives me, as the Chinese say, Double Happiness. It is not just a ‘warehouse’ of finished art but also an archeological site where I can unearth and frame my own images from their leftovers. I can show them a part of themselves they perhaps have not seen before. As a curator I not only look for finished artworks to exhibit but also for the processes, accidents, refuse, and raw materials of art and life. The studio is like a drawing. It is a work in flux, one that is created by an artist without thinking about a grand finished object. It is the thing

  • SICHUAN Part 2: Jiu Zhaigou

    SICHUAN Part 2: Jiu Zhaigou

    I had heard about this place in Sichuan many times, Jiu Zhaigou (pronounced: Geo Jai-Go), that it was one of the most beautiful places in China. But I had also heard that some people, foreigners I think, thought that it was just too beautiful to be real, that the Chinese somehow had manipulated nature to create unbelievable colors and formations in the waters and land. Well, all these stories just seemed to make the place more mysterious and compelling. Zhang Yimou, the famous Chinese director filmed his movie Hero there. I tried to go there in 2009 but could not because I was a foreigner and there had been unrest in the western provinces and the government, wanting to protect us, did not allow foreigners to go at that time. But this time I made it. From Chengdu to Jiu Zhaigou is about a 9-hour bus ride through the