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  • Remembering Trisha Brown

    Remembering Trisha Brown

    Trisha Brown passed away on Saturday, March 18 at the age of 80 in San Antonio, Texas. Brown’s choreography, described as a combination of “the cerebral and sensuous sides of dance,” incorporated quotidian activities such as walking, jumping, and running with more complicated movements, resulting in pieces that felt both casual and spontaneous but also highly composed.

  • Jeanine Oleson and Photo Requests from Solitary

    Jeanine Oleson and Photo Requests from Solitary

    In 2013, Jeanine Oleson joined Laurie Jo Reynolds and Jean Casella as part of a project called “Photo Requests From Solitary,” which began as an initiative to support efforts against the inhumane conditions implemented in prisons across the United States. Individuals held in solitary confinement units or supermax prisons were invited to request an image of “anything at all, real or imagined,” and these requests were fulfilled by artists who reinvented places, people, dreams, and memories.