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Drawing of a nude woman lying among a blue background.

Picasso Cut Papers

  • This is a past exhibition
Devoted to a little known yet foundational aspect of Pablo Picasso’s artistic practice, Picasso Cut Papers spans the artist's full career.

This exhibition spans the full career of Pablo Picasso, from his first cut papers made in 1890 at nine years of age, through the 1960s, with works he made while in his eighties. It features some of the artist’s most whimsical and intriguing works made on paper and in paper, alongside a select group of sculptures in sheet metal. Although Picasso rarely sold or exhibited his cut papers during his lifetime, he signed, dated and archived them just as he did all his works. They were part of a more private studio practice, created as independent works of art or in relation to works in other mediums, but also as models for his fabricators and as gifts or games for family and friends. Many examples have been stored flat or disassembled in portfolios until now and will regain their original three-dimensional forms when presented in the exhibition.

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Picasso Cut Papers is organized by Cynthia Burlingham, deputy director, curatorial affairs, and Allegra Pesenti, independent curator, former associate director and senior curator, Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts.
The exhibition is organized with the exceptional support of the Musée national Picasso–Paris.
Lead funding for Picasso Cut Papers is provided by Alice and Nahum Lainer, with major support from the Steinhauser Greenberg Exhibition Fund and the Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne. The exhibition is also supported by Lisette Ackerberg, Gagosian, Nancy Lainer, Deanie and Jay Stein, Maria Hummer-Tuttle and Robert Holmes Tuttle, the Robert Lehman Foundation, and an anonymous donor. Additional support is provided by the John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation and Lee Ramer.

Large purses, bags, and backpacks are not allowed in the Picasso Cut Papers exhibition. Please leave these items at home or in your vehicle.