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K.A.M.P. (Kids Art Museum Project): The World Around You

September 27, 2021
– By John Wu

Hi! My name is John Wu and I’m a teaching artist. During the pandemic, my students and I have noticed a lot of changes in our homes, neighborhoods, and even our very own classroom. This Hammer K.A.M.P. project invites us to take a closer look at the world around us by using drawing, collage, and the block print technique to create a map that tells the story of our community. Think about what you have missed most in your neighborhood, what you’ve just discovered, or what you wish was in your neighborhood. When you’re done, connect your map with maps made by your friends and family to create an entire community!


  • White paper
  • Color paper
  • Pencil
  • Markers, color pencils, crayons, paint, etc.
  • Scratch foam board/paper
  • Block printing ink
  • Rubber brayer
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick



  1. Lay out your materials.
  2. Think about something in your neighborhood either real or fictional. It can be something you see every day, something you just noticed, or something you wish was there! Grab a piece of color paper and use a marker to draw your neighborhood object.
  3. Grab a big piece of white paper and draw a road. You can use a marker, pen, pencil, or even watercolor!
  4. Cut out and glue your neighborhood objects onto your map.
  5. Using a piece of foam paper, draw another object for your neighborhood. Push down with a pencil so that your finished drawing will create an imprint. Cut out this object if desired.
  6. Put block printing ink on a Plexi glass or paper plate and roll the rubber brayer in the ink to cover the roller evenly. Roll the ink over the foam paper.
  7. Place the ink side of the foam paper down on the map and use your hand, a jar, or a roll of tape to press the foam paper onto your map. Share your stencil with friends or use your imprint multiple times.
  8. Connect your finished map with your friends’ and family’s maps to create a whole community!

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K.A.M.P. (Kids Art Museum Project) 2021 is presented by CJ ENM. Major Support for John's project is provided by SOMESUCH. Visit the K.A.M.P. webpage for more projects that will engage the whole family!