An orange skeleton hand connected to a cobweb reaching down, next to the title Family Day, Make in L.A.

Make in L.A. 2020: You, Inside Out

October 22, 2020
– By Ann Greene Kelly

What is inside your body? Bones, muscles, and a brain, of course, but also giggles and screams and other fun things! Use your drawing skills to create a work of art that brings all of your insides out.


  • Kraft paper
  • Markers of different colors
  • Colored pencils
  • Cellophane (multiple sheets)
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape

1. Place your Kraft paper down on a smooth surface of the floor.

2. Lie down on the Kraft paper. Be sure to spread out your legs, arms, and fingers!

Woman in black shirt, blue jean shorts, and black socks laying on her back on top of a white piece of kraft paper

3. Ask a friend or grown up to use a dark colored marker to trace the outline of your body on the paper. When they’re done, stand up and take a look.

Outline of a human body drawn with black marker on white kraft paper

4. Use markers to draw what's inside your body.

  • Our knees help us to sit, run, jump, and so much more. Draw your knees and talk about your favorite sport or physical activity with your family.
  • What is your favorite food? Draw it in your belly.
  • What are the strongest parts of your body? Draw your muscles using long curvy lines.
Drawing of foot with blue lines from toes to ankle, multiple markers in upper left hand corner of paper
Drawing of foot with blue lines from toes to ankle on right foot, left foot drawn with red rose with green stem and leaves
Drawing of a belly that includes a music note in red, a chocolate chip cookie, and a light brown plate with purple, green, and brown food on top of it.

5. Use colored pencils to draw some things that are harder to see:

  • Our spines, or backbones, help us to stay upright. Sometimes we describe people as “having a backbone” when they have the courage to stand up for something they believe in. Draw two lines down the center of your back for your backbone and write down something you believe in.
  • Who do you love? Draw or write their names in your heart.
  • What are you curious about? Make an oval for your brain and draw something you want to learn more about inside the oval.
  • Laugh out loud with a loved one! Where did you feel your body shaking as you laughed? Draw squiggly lines in your favorite color there.
Drawing of spine in black ink, ribs in blue ink, and a heart drawn in pink with gray shadowing around it
Drawing of a head that shows a brain drawn in red and blue, red lips, and the outline of hair in black

6. Use scissors to cut cellophane into clothes for your new work of art. Use clear tape to attach each item so that you can still see everything underneath!

White kraft paper with multi-colored drawing covered by pink cellophane on the top and blue cellophane on the bottom
Pink and blue cellophane cut in the shape of a t-shirt covering a drawing of a cartoon-like human body

Display your artwork! Tag us @hammer_museum to show us what you've made.

Cutout of a cartoon-like drawing of a human body with the insides visible

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