IKO IKO at the Hammer Store

IKO IKO at the Hammer Store

June 24, 2016
– By Lauren Molina, retail coordinator

In the last few years we have begun to introduce new products from L.A.-based artists and creators at the Hammer Store—a tradition we started with Arts ReSTORE L.A. in 2013 and are continuing today. We have been working to broaden our offerings to reflect the museum’s commitment to the Los Angeles creative community. 

This summer, we have invited IKO IKO to have a pop-up in our store to showcase a selection from their own shop: a variety of handmade local items and traditional Japanese goods.

IKO IKO is a special shop of its own merit in Los Angeles founded by Kristin Dickson-Okuda and Shin Okuda. IKO IKO shop offers items made by hand, Japanese goods, and ephemeral gems that are bound to inspire and enliven your home and wardrobe. Quiet, yet permutable, the products present for the Hammer’s pop-up show the utilitarian sensibility at the core of Kristin & Shin’s practices.

Rowena Sartin is the product of an openness toward the wearer of the clothing. Named after her grandmother, Kristin has created these garments with an intention to be worn daily. While working, pockets provide a place to keep tools handy. As overwear, each piece adds depth to a wardrobe. The shape of every apron, skirt, or top is based on a rectangle which effects the draping, when worn. The pieces are variable; dependent on the placement of straps or ties to create an individual fit for each wearer.

Shin Okuda, creator of WAKA WAKA, has been commissioned by design fans and retail spaces to craft functional yet minimal furniture pieces. The work selected for the IKO IKO pop-up at Hammer Store is part of a smaller, personal collection. This series of cylindrical seating, storage, and table tops were inspired by the making of drums. The shape is reiterated in different ways using mainly plywood, a constant in Shin’s work, bent and joined together without the use of hardware.