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#AskAnArchivist Day 2015

How much do you know about archiving?

On Thursday, October 1, as a kick off to American Archives Month, archivists around the country will take to Twitter to respond to your questions! This year, our own Digital Asset Manager & Archivist Lauren Sorensen will be available from 2–3 p.m. To ask a question, just tweet to @hammer_museum and include #AskAnArchivist. 

Lauren Sorensen is an archivist and conservator interested in digital preservation, community initiatives, metadata and open access. Currently Digital Asset Manager & Archivist at the Hammer Museum at UCLA, she previously held positions at the Library of Congress, Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), and Canyon Cinema. She received an MA in Moving Image Archiving & Preservation from New York University in 2007, and is involved in the PBCore metadata dictionary project, Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA), and Electronic Media Group of American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC).

Start brainstorming those questions now!

Photo by Pete Birkinshaw

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