Telescope: China | Chinese New Year 2015

March 5, 2015
– By James Elaine

Year of the Ram (or Sheep or Goat)

I normally travel to a friend’s home in the country for the Chinese New Year festivities but this year I stayed in Beijing. It’s wonderful but a little strange at the same time to be in here or any big Chinese city during the Spring Festival. The cities empty out as millions across China go home to mostly rural areas to be with their families. For the last couple of weeks in Beijing I have seen more fireworks in the sky than cars and people on the streets.  This year the weather has been glorious; blue skies, crisp cool air, bright warm sun, and one quick snow fall.  I have stayed close to home, taking walks in the park next to my building, cooking with friends, spring-cleaning my house, working on projects, and watching fireworks throughout the nights from my 24th floor apartment windows.