CLOSE TO HOME: Spotlight on Local Artists at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair 2015 | JIMMY the zine

January 28, 2015
– By Darin Klein, public programs associate

On many occasions I have packed up my self-published wares and made the trek to Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair. Highlights of those trips have included exhibiting and selling my work alongside likeminded individuals, meeting artists and publishers, watching the non-stop parade of cute guys, making new friends, and actively participating in an international community of art book devotees. I was delighted when the fair branched out to LA, and have since shifted my focus and energy to participating here at home. Amidst the hundreds of international exhibitors who will be participating, I want to point out a few locals whose broadly varied projects have impacted me on many different levels. This handful of Angelenos embody the print version of “farm-to-table” culture, so if you like your publications fresh from the farmers, I mean artists, then make a point to stop by their tables, check out their work, and show your support! (PS – I’ll also be exhibiting in the zine section of the fair with my latest project, Box of Books, Vol. VIII. Plus, I’ll be in conversation with The Book Mobile Book co-editor Onya Hogan-Finlay in the Classroom on Saturday, January 31 at 3pm. Come say hi!).

JIMMY the zine – 2015 Calendar

Darin Klein: How long have you been self-publishing?

Jimmy Vogel: Brent Freaney and I printed the first issue of JIMMY the zine in 2010, Xeroxed at a little print ship in Hollywood, then folded and stapled them on the floor of my living room.

DK: How many issues have you published?

JV: There have been 5 Issues of the zine. Everything we make is produced under the umbrella project of JIMMY the zine, but we've also gotten to play with other mediums. We've done 4 calendars and commissioned poster prints as well as graphic work on t-shirts and totes. And we organize events and exhibitions.

DK: I understand you'll be bringing the JIMMY the Zine 2015 Calendar to the fair this year? Give us some details. Who is the photographer? Any fun anecdotes about the photo shoot or production?

JV: For this year's calendar the filmmaker/photographer AJ Goodrich shot 26 beautifully theatrical portraits recreating Tarot cards. He's done all the major Arcana and the 4 suits. We shot half of them here in Los Angeles and the other half at a radical queer commune, which for a project like this, is an amazing wonderland of props and costumes.

2015 Calendar

DK: Who and/or what are you looking forward to seeing at the fair this year? 

JV: I of course always love the turnout of queer zines. The fair organizers group us all together each year, so we all know each other and it feels like a mini reunion in some ways. 

DK: Can you compare and contrast your experiences at past NY and LA Art Book fairs with other fairs and festivals you've participated in?

JV: Printed Matter’s Art Book Fairs are like nothing else. To see such a massive turnout of people still interested in printed things is amazing. Other fairs I've done are often a bit too crafty and the audience is only half interested. These fairs bring together really creative and talented mix of publishers dedicated to print and a crowd of people genuinely excited to see it still happening.