3 Questions with Lecia Dole-Recio

August 1, 2014

Why L.A.? Why did you choose to work in this city in particular?

Part of me says: Where else in the U.S. would a gay, Mexican goth live and make art? It’s true. My wife and I are originally from California. We’re like homing pigeons, keep returning to what’s familiar. We’ve found amazing makers and thinkers here.

How has your time in L.A. shaped your work?

The way we move through the city, we’re constantly shifting through light, space, the grid, various architectures and sounds… it’s inspiring. Color thrives in this kind of flux and brightness, sometimes it’s overwhelming.

Favorite place in L.A. Go.

Elysian Park, Dodger stadium, and Griffith Park Observatory (all having to do with space in some way).