3 Questions with Gabriel Kuri

July 15, 2014

Why L.A.? Why did you choose to work in this city in particular?

I like it because it is strange. It is many cities and many things at once and there is no unifying custom or pattern. There also seems to be an ease about it that I thought would help me be productive and enjoy work.

How has your time in L.A. shaped your work?

There are the concrete ways that are self explanatory, like the kind of materials available here that are already popping up in the work. The longer term effects I cannot really say as of yet, but they will obviously come from my exposure to this rather specific cultural, economic and social climate, very different (almost violently opposite, in fact) to what I was used to in Brussels (where I resided for ten years) or what I expect from Mexico City (my hometown). 

Favorite place in L.A. Go.

When I reach the junction of Grandview and Palms, on the way to drop my kids at school, I can briefly look forwards, backwards, left and right and there are amazing views of all sorts of landscapes, cityscapes, mountains and the ocean.