The Mysteries of China

June 2, 2014
– By James Elaine

China is one of the four oldest world cultures. Its history is filled with marvels and mysteries dating back 1000’s of years. Many marvels still remain unanswered and unexplained to us today. In 1945 US Air Force pilot James Gaussman discovered a gigantic white pyramid while flying over Shaanxi Province en route to India and reported that it “looked like something out of a fairy tale, being encased in a shimmering white stone or metal on all sides, with a huge jewel-like crystal capstone. It rises 1000 feet high and is twice as large as the largest pyramid in Egypt. Until recently the authorities have denied its existence all together. In western China’s Xinjiang and Gansu Provinces strange white lines etched into the desert floor covering an area approximately one mile long by more than 3000 feet wide have been photographed by satellites. No one knows the purpose of these apparently painted lines. Other unexplained mysteries are the Underground Great Wall, the Mystery of the Red Snow, the Flag Cloud of Everest, the Yeti Monster of the Himalayas, the Barbarians; hair covered savages of the forests of Hubei Province, the Hanging Coffins of the Bo People, and on and on…

During my time and travels throughout modern China I have ‘discovered’ and photographed a series of mysterious and unexplained phenomena. These can be added to the ever mounting Great Mysteries of China.