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Hammergram: Kruger Edition

With just over a week left to see Take It or Leave It, we present to you a very special Kruger-ified edition of Hammergram! Hammergram is normally our monthly round-up of our favorite visitor photos. But since so many visitors have made Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (Hello/Goodbye) lobby wall installation the backdrop for some seriously amazing photos, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to highlight more of them. Take It or Leave It closes next weekend,* so you still have a chance to snap your own portrait in front of Barbara Kruger’s installation. As always, tag us @hammer_museum / #hammermuseum on Instagram and Twitter.

*The official closing of Take It or Leave It and Tea and Morphine is Sunday, May 18, but note that the museum will only be open from 2-5PM on that day due to a special event in the morning. Stop by on Saturday, May 17 for your last full day to experience these must-see exhibitions!

Photo credits: 1. @wymanchang 2. @ereynoldsla 3. @jolifanta 4. @kanakotomo 5. @mikeholzarchitect 6. @wymanchang 7. @gladstar 8. @trainsandplanes 9. @p00p_on_a_r0ck 10. @rowseeknee 11. @simygartz 12. @dbean86 13. @eliasthegreek 14. @elevatoro 15. @lydiayunlou 16. @hakimelek

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