The Life Cycle of a Book: Selection

October 10, 2011

Much like natural selection, Libros Schmibros takes the generously bestowed book bounty of the city and chooses titles that best fit our holdings. It’s important that the right books come to us, and that they combine with our library in ways that make sense. Books we can’t use are re-donated, though that means finding time and labor to haul them off to the library, or some other repository. Honestly, we appreciate the gesture, but we’d really rather not get the likes of Readers Digest Condensed Books or back issues of National Geographic at all.

That said, we dig your books and want more of them. New books get yellow stickers so that we know they’ve not yet been cataloged in our database. Patrons have asked what these yellow dots mean, and if these are the ones that are available for checkout. Truth is, all books are up for grabs, be it for checkout or for keeps.

--Colleen Jaurretche