Hatching a Second Bookshop

Hatching a Second Bookshop

For the last several weeks, we’ve referred to the Westwood space as a nursery waiting to be filled, loving the first-born Boyle Heights store just as much as always, while also making room for its temporary sibling. Today Catherine anchored the-fifteen-foot ladder borrowed from around back, while David teetered from its rungs, all in the name of readying the flagship shop for its grand re-opening on Saturday. We did have to wonder: Just how many founders does it take to change a lightbulb?

Meanwhile, back in Westwood, Cindy bravely took scissors to her gorgeous canvas to make it fit the available space.

David, having mounted Jacob’s ladder, dreams of shelving books.

–Colleen Jaurretche, Co-Director of Libros Schmibros

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