SLATKO in the making!

SLATKO in the making!


By Ana Prvacki

My mother made a few jars of "slatko" for the Greeting Committee! Slatko (sweet) is a Slavic welcome greeting. When guests arrive, they are presented with a tray holding a jar of slatko (a kind of fruit preserve/jam) and invited to take a spoonful (followed by water). The idea is to sweeten the visit!



Einstein thought the most important question facing humanity should be, “Is the universe a friendly place?” and Kurt Vonnegut asked that we practice “A little less love, and a little more common decency.” Greeting Committee, by Ana Prvacki, considers these ideas by magnifying and zooming in on the protocols and customs of basic hospitality routines, such as greetings, salutations and welcoming. For her project at the Hammer, visitors are invited to observe or participate in interventions encouraging gestures of welcoming in the Wilshire lobby Thursday, April 7 through Sunday, April 10 from 12-4pm each day.

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