Group Therapy + Needlepointing

May 3, 2010

The Hammer Museum's Artist in Residence (A.I.R.) program is pleased to offer Group Therapy + Needlepointing. This project presents a unique opportunity to engage with the museum in an extraordinarily intimate manner. Led by West Los Angeles based psycho-analyst and needlepointing enthusiast, Dr. Ellen Medway, a small group of people will convene weekly in the museum (privately, behind closed doors) for 90 minute sessions of therapy over an eight-week period. While the group pursues self-exploration, discovery and psychological enrichment, they will also be engaging with craft and art history as they needlepoint images based on paintings from the museum’s permanent collection. Dr. Medway chose a selection of works that she has deemed conducive, relevant and pertinent to the therapeutic process. Images of these paintings have been made into needlepoint patterns and each participant will work on this pattern from the collection throughout the sessions. In place of a fee, Dr. Medway is requesting an exchange of her time (eight 90 minute sessions) for the participants’ finished needlepoint patterns. Hammer will not exhibit or use participants’ needlepoints in any way.

The group will focus on relationships with an emphasis on identifying and recognizing individual patterns and tendencies.

Dr. Medway will keep information shared during sessions strictly confidential, and shall conduct all meetings in accordance with the standards set forth by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Group members will be required to maintain confidentiality.

Group Therapy + Needlepointing will take place on Thursdays from 2 – 3:30pm, May 20 to July 8

Participants must be able to commit to all eight sessions.

Participants should have some prior experience with needlepointing or be somewhat facile with craftwork. Dr. Medway will provide a list of learning resources for needlepointing.

There are a limited number of spaces available. To be considered please email [email protected] Include your acknowledgment of the time commitment and a brief explanation of your interest in participating in Group Therapy + Needlepointing. Dr. Medway will conduct in-person interviews in mid- April with prospective participants. The Hammer Museum (“Hammer”) will not receive any personal information about applicants or sessions, and will have no involvement in the selection of participants. Only after Dr. Medway has selected the participants will she provide participants names and contact information to the Hammer for logistical purposes only.

**Please note that the Hammer will have no control over either the application process or the group therapy sessions due to confidentiality restrictions.**

Ellen J. Medway, PsyD, MFT, has had a private practice in West Los Angeles for over 25 years. She is a member of the Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis where she is a Training and Supervising Analyst. Dr. Medway is also an Outside Supervisor for the Maple Center in Beverly Hills.

Additionally, there will be D.I.Y. Therapy + Needlepointing kits available for purchase in the Hammer bookstore. These kits will allow people to have their own personal experience with craft and mental health.