Casa all’Italiana Superleggera.

Anila Rubiku

For her Hammer residency, Anila Rubiku engaged with various communities in Los Angeles through weekly art-making workshops. Through this work, Rubiku sought to create lasting relationships between herself, the Hammer Museum, and participants while also providing a deeper experience of the museum. These workshops involved meeting with the artist and creating a drawing of each participant’s “ideal home,” which will also be embroidered and used as part of a larger installation by the artist. Rubiku hopes this project helps with illustrating and understanding how various community members imagine what home should be. She has lead similar workshops in Milan, Tel Aviv, and Niigata, Japan.

If you would like to participate, assist, or learn more about in these workshops, please contact: [email protected].


The Hammer Museum’s Artist Residency Program is supported through a generous grant from The Simms/Mann Family Foundation. The residency program was initiated with funding from the Nimoy Foundation and receives continued support from The James Irvine Foundation.