Two men speak to each other through prison bars

Lost African American TV: Robert L. Goodwin’s “The Upper Chamber”

SAT NOV 19, 7:30 PM

Part of the UCLA Film & Television Archive series Archive Television Treasures. Register at to attend this in-theater screening.

In-person Q&A with Robert Goodwin Jr., son of Robert L. Goodwin, moderated by Ina Archer, NMAAHC.

Insight: “The Death of Simon Jackson”

Robert L. Goodwin’s teleplay concerns a gifted Black poet (actor Robert DoQui of Robert Altman’s Nashville) who embraces militancy for social change, while rejecting violence and toeing the line of the status quo.

Special thanks to David Moore, Paulist Productions.

(1969, dir. Ralph Senensky, DCP, color, 30 min.)

H. Andrew Williams' Kaleidoscope Company

Written, produced, and co-starring Robert L. Goodwin this expertly written and mounted drama eavesdrops on four men awaiting execution on death row. In their final hours, as they contemplate the nature of fate, their stories are juxtaposed against the tale of the crucifixion, with the men appearing in flashback biblical scenes that replicate key events in their present-day lives.

(1968, dir. Buck Richard Pennington, DCP, b&w, 60 min.)