A man sits holding a radio, while a woman leans on him with a shocked expression.

Playhouse 90: “Alas, Babylon”

  • This is a past program

The UCLA Film & Television Archive presents classic film and contemporary cinema in the Hammer's Billy Wilder Theater.

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Broadcast two years before the Cuban missile crisis confronted the world with the dire possibility of a catastrophic thermonuclear war, this prime time network television drama offered viewers a shockingly realistic look at the potential horrors of the atomic age. Narrated with solemn resignation by noir veteran Dana Andrews, the controversial production won both critical praise and condemnation for daring to portray the tragic aftermath of a major nuclear conflict with the U.S.S.R. (1960, dir. Robert Stevens, DCP from the UCLA Film & Television Archive, black and white, 90 min.)

This event is made possible by the John H. Mitchell Television Programming Endowment.