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Cut Chemist with Buyepongo + KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez

Copresented with KCRW 89.9FM.

Music, Food Trucks, Cash Bar: 7:30–10:30 p.m.
Extended Gallery Hours—Made in L.A. 2018 open until 10 p.m.

Free live concerts and KCRW DJs in the museum’s courtyard. Food trucks and cash bars. 

Cut Chemist

Cut Chemist

Life moves in cycles. Every death yields a rebirth. Every rebirth unfolds into a new life. Cut Chemist can attest. On his long-awaited second full-length solo album Die Cut, the trailblazing DJ and producer underwent a creative birth reflected in its 17 tracks. The artist augments his signature approach famously earmarked by impeccable sample selection, searing scratching, and big-screen worthy arrangements with the inclusion of A-list musicians, “songwriter structure,” and a whole lot of team spirit  in only his second artist album, 11 years after his debut, The Audience's Listening. Stocked with various collaborations including longtime friend Carlos Nino as associate producer and production coordinator, Cut holed up in Comp-ny Studios four blocks from home and invited a revolving door of high-profile musicians to contribute such as drum superstar Deantoni Parks [The Mars Volta], rap legend Biz Markie, actress Erika Christensen, tune-yards, Farmer Dave Scher, Dexter Story, Chali 2Na, Edna, Mr. Lif and more. Die Cut is coming Mar 2, 2018 and new music is already out.