Off-Site Program: Pedro Reyes: People’s United Nations (pUN) Library Readings

  • This is a past program

This program of readings is organized in conjunction with the opening of Hammer Projects: Pedro Reyes at the Hammer Museum, which features the artist’s project The People’s United Nations (pUN). pUN enlists regular citizens who are connected by family ties or by birth to the nations represented at the UN to engage in activities that seek to apply techniques from social psychology, theater, art, and conflict resolution to geopolitics. One component of the project is the pUN LIBRARY, an ongoing bibliography and collection of books that represents every nation-state in the world. Delegates are asked to choose one book they feel represents their country and ought to be known better in the rest of the world. Reyes, Hammer staff, volunteers, and current delegates for the upcoming pUN convening at the Hammer will read excerpts from the LIBRARY aloud. Members of the public are also invited to bring in their favorite book by an author of their home country and do a reading. Together, the readings will comprise a truly international library full of surprises for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the world.

This program takes place during the LA Art Book Fair at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. More information here.